Leather crafstman company established in 1925.
Ruitertassen is dedicated to professionals.

Key facts about Ruitertassen

  • Design and manufacture leather bags from its own workshop since 1925.
  • Designed for professionnals, Ruitertassen is especially popular amongst teachers.
  • Ruitertassen is against planned obsolescence and seasonal fashion trends.
  • We have an utmost respect for the leather and true tanning techniques.
  • Our heritage leather is eco-friendly and 100% chrome-free.

Buy the best and cry only once.

Ruitertassen is proud to support the "Buy It For Life" trend and is firmly against the concept of planned obsolesence.

We convey these ethos through the durability of our bags, the lifetime availability of our workshop to maintain your bag and the timeless designs we develop.

The classic Ruitertassen satchel has become highly distinctive and has more than stood the test of time.
Aged Ruitertassen satchels never look outdated, time only adds to their character.

Discover the math behind Ruitertassen Heritage.

Antique footage from the 30's era in our workshop.

Ruitertassen History.

Ruitertassen was founded by Jacob de Ruiter in 1925.
He was an incredibly skilled leather craftsman and established the Ruitertassen ethos back then.

His aim was to provide teachers with durable and charismatic leather satchels. Ruitertassen remains a family owned business, perpetuating the art and innovation of its founder.

Jacob has left us two truly invaluable assets.
1. A Ruitertassen owned workshop that exclusively manufactures Ruitertassen bags.
2. A signature leather born from a tight partnership with a well known artisanal Belgian tannery.

For whom Ruitertassen is designed.

Ruitertassen's initial aim is to handcraft leather work bags for teachers.
Thus, all the attention in design is given to balance three key factors:

1: Capacity, 2: Sturdiness, 3: Durability.

Ruitertassen is not about fashion, it is about producing efficient bags.
Recognizing the quality of our bags, our clientele has grown to encompass professionals from varied horizons. We are always ready to help professionals find the right Ruitertassen bag for their career.

Find the right Ruitertassen bag for you.

Chrome-free workwear bags.

At least 85% of the world's leather is tanned using chromes. That process is toxic as the use of chromium is a disaster for the environment and to a certain degree; leather tanned in this fashion is toxic as well.

Most of us aren't sensitive to chrome but certain people are allergic to even the smallest amount of chrome residue.
With a Ruitertassen bag, the tanning process is eco-friendly and the result is harmless to its owner.

If you are sensitive to chrome, you should opt for a vintage colored ruitertassen bag. On these models, not only is the leather vegetable tanned but we also use chrome-free fittings so these bags are 100% chrome-free.

More information about the tanning process.

The utmost respect for leather.

Now this is a serious topic.

Leather deserves respect.
Today, leather is produced in many parts of the world and used in many garments and accessories.

Leather has become mainstream and as all mainstream articles, it has lost its exellence along the way. In order to make leather more readily available to manufacturers, it has become normal to tan it with cheap chemicals (chromes) and spray paint.

At Ruitertassen, we have maintained true tanning, the old fashion way. The result is a signature leather that looks like no other.
Tanned with vegetable extracts for weeks, dried naturally and dyed in mechanical drums.

We believe leather is and should remain a noble material. It is the most charismatic fabric when treated with respect.

More about our signature leather.

Now you know what Ruitertassen is all about.

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