The math behind a Ruitertassen.

Every angle is designed with capacity and durability in mind.

2X thicker than most

2.6 mm thick leather. We control every hides.

3 week process

To tan our leather in vegetal extract.

Once upon a time, there was a great Belgian leather...

…so thick that it would never tear. Slowly tanned over 3 weeks, soaked in natural vegetable extracts of mimosa, quebracho and chestnut, it comes out of its bath strong and will retain its beauty through years of use while developing a wonderful patina. Prepared by an expert Belgian tannery which has been producing quality leather since 1873.

Learn more about our tanning process.

It's not just about pulling through. It's about aging gacefully.

Ruitertassen bags not only stand the test of time, with it, they evolve and gain character. Your work bag will react naturally to the elements and, depending on how you use it, the sun or rain you expose it to, your Ruitertassen will ultimately evolve into something uniquely beautiful, elegantly bearing every scar as witnesses of your story together.

We take threads seriously.

…and so should you. Thread is what holds our beautiful leather together, thread forms our bags and therefore our thread needs to do justice to the quality of leather we use. The Ruitertassen thread is made from tough high quality nylon.

Now, some might say that polyester is better than nylon. Well, that is just like saying that Lamborghinis are faster than Ferraris. This means nothing unless you specify an exact model of car. So we can tell you this: our nylon thread is stronger, more resistant and more flexible than its polyester equivalent.

Our thread, coupled with our high-end sewing machines, means that our workshop is able to deliver attractive stitching that is also resistant to repetitive friction.

9.6 kg strengh resistance

Our thread allows our bags to carry more.

35 metres of quality thread per bag*

*On average. The more the better for durability.

A Ruitertassen handle can lift 150 lbs.

Every Ruitertassen handle is fixed with four rivets. Since our work bags are designed for rigorous use, in everything from the leather to the stitching, we took no short cuts investing in industrial machinery to press and fix our rivets. These machines allow for the pressure with which the rivets are pressed into the leather to be always exact. The rivets we use are rivets used in the motor industry, tough, and they're just right for a Ruitertassen bag.

The secret weapon that you can't see.

Hidden under the front flap over, below the the handle, is a metal plate through which the four rivets holding the handle go. This metal plate strengthens the whole top structure of your work bag. It allows for Ruitertassen bags to carry heavier loads than the average work bag.

The metal plate is neatly tucked away, covered with a top and bottom layer of our full grain leather. If we hadn't told you about its existence you would have never known.

It takes about 5 seconds to open and close your work bag.

Random leather buckled bag.
Ruitertassen bag with tuck locks.

20 seconds approximatively

Fiddly. Not practical for a work bag.

5 seconds approximatively

The look without the hassle.

We love old fashioned buckles because they look good yet we hate using them. Sadly, buckles are slow to open and unpractical for anyone who needs to open and close their bag frequently which is why we do not find them ideal for a work environment. Ruitertassen tuck locks are custom made, easy to manipulate and durable. They're nicely hidden behind beautiful buckles that will allow you to adjust the height of your front flap over. With our system, we believe we are giving you the best of both worlds: style and practicality.

How important can 1 millimeter be?

Standard tuck lock.
Ruitertassen tuck lock.

Standards tuck locks can have two flaws. They're often too weak to outlast the bag they're on and too shallow to offer a secure locking system. When you're on the move, friction or a random shock can suffice to cause a tuck lock to open accidentally. An unexpected open bag is the last thing you want, that is why we get our tuck locks custom made. Stamped with the Ruitertassen logo, our tuck locks have that extra millimeter in depth which makes them more reliable so your work bag can always remains securely closed.

Pockets built like compartments.

More room. More strength.

On your Ruitertassen work bag, front pockets, whether small or large, are constructed like a real compartment, with a gusset. Our front pockets offer depth space as well as height and width. The pockets on our satchels are therefore able to accept larger accessories and thick books, just like an extra compartment.